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This Model kit comes unpainted and unassembled


All 3D Print statues are custom-made, once order, we will immediately send to Print Shop to speed up the processing time. Please allow approximately 5-7 business days for the item to be dispatched.


Most of our models are printed on an 8k resin printer to get the all of the fine details. All 3D printed models are designed in multiple pieces and ready for assembly.


Size Calculated : All Printed Model are from start of the base to the last point of the figure.


CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts, Not for children under 10 years of age.


  • There may not or may be some minor gaps might be present, which may require filling for a flawless finish.
  • Filament parts will need sanding and smoothing before painting to eliminate visible layer lines.
  • Resin printed parts generally require minimal cleanup before painting.
  • Parts may arrive in different colors of PLA or resin. Regardless, all parts will require a primer coat for paint adherence.
  • Resin parts are printed at a 0.05mm layer height and hollowed when applicable.
  • Filament parts are printed at a 0.2mm layer height.
  • If any parts are missing, please contact us directly; replacements will be supplied free of charge.
  • Clear resin parts may appear slightly yellow due to surface unevenness. To achieve a flawless glass-like finish, buyer should wet sand up to approximately 800-1000 grit and then apply a glossy clear coat.


Buy with Confidence, we provide you tracking number + insurance. if lost or stolen, we got you covered.

Vegeta Bulma 9 Capsule Resin 1:4 Model Kit Unpainted 3d Print GK Statue Figure

SKU: PS-390
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